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At the Unibep Group, we use water for business-related activities and for domestic use and potable supply. Where possible, we aim to connect to sewerage networks. We do not source water from surface waters, including sea waters.

The effluents we generate are domestic sewage discharged into the sewerage system or into holding tanks. We do not discharge effluents directly into the environment.

The consumption of water resources is highly dependent on the type of the project and the stage of its implementation, but we always try to identify and implement measures resulting in water savings.

We measure the effects of our water management measures and policies through continuous monitoring of the amount of water used and wastewater generated, as well as through wastewater testing. By streamlining the monitoring process, this data will be available in future years.


Water consumption

Total volume of water consumed [Ml] in 202154,801.73
Volume of stored water [Ml] in 20210.153

Ml = Megalitres

The stated volume of stored water refers to the Unihouse S.A. plant.

The Unibep Group’s water consumption data is provided in internal reports on environmental monitoring. It is recorded on the basis of meter readings or invoices received. The above does not apply to companies Monday Development Sp. z o.o. and Unidevelopment S.A., in which water consumption was estimated according to the formula for calculating water consumption in litres per person. The stated consumption does not apply to overseas assemblies carried out by Unihouse S.A.