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Our main goal is customer satisfaction. We strive to achieve it while taking into account all applicable legal requirements regarding the products and services we provide.

Unibep S.A. has adopted the requirements of the international ISO standards as a set of best, available and recommended practices for doing business in various aspects of corporate social responsibility. The Group manages environmental issues, occupational safety, quality of construction works and manufactured construction products by applying the requirements of ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 and PN-EN 13108-21 standards within the organization in the form of a consistent Integrated Management System that has been independently certified. The scope of certified activities is defined by individual certificates, which are available at

The functioning of Unibep’s Integrated Management System is regularly analysed with regard to risks. All company processes are monitored, supervised and described in the form of internal procedures, which are made available to employees on the intranet. Instructions and orders referring to the Integrated Management System meet the requirements of due diligence procedures.

Our efforts are confirmed by the Integrated Management System Policy adopted by the Management Board of Unibep S.A.

which indicates that employees should treat customers’ needs, continuous development of employees’ competences, effective management of occupational safety and environmental protection, compliance with applicable laws and ethical standards, as well as cooperation with the local environment as their priorities.
The staff of the Audit and Internal Control Office continuously verify the Integrated Management System by carrying out audits and internal controls according to annual plans. In 2021, they performed 13 tasks to ensure the proper functioning of the internal control system, including in the areas of contract execution, design and production of modular houses, property management, GDPR, occupational health and safety. The status of implementation of relevant recommendations formulated as a result of the above tasks is systematically monitored. The Integrated Management System is also subject to periodic reviews by top management. The results of these reviews are intended to confirm the adequacy and effectiveness of the organisational solutions adopted, as well as to provide a field for initiating continuous improvement in a dynamically changing external and internal environment. The efficacy of actions taken in this regard is confirmed by positive results of external audits as part of the supervision of the Integrated Management System exercised by DEKRA Certification, and Company Production Control implemented in the Infrastructure Branch by ITC.
A list of the Unibep Group’s material legal proceedings is provided in the Management Report on the Group’s activities for 2021 (Section 8.2 – Legal proceedings) and in the consolidated financial statements for 2021 (Section 6.35.1. – Contingent assets and liabilities).
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Communication with employees and the external environment is a priority for us. We develop our communication channels in social media andparticipate in campaigns aimed at students and young engineers. We take care to label products correctly. The Unibep Group labels them as a service company. Only Unihouse S.A., as a producer of modules, marks its products only for logistical reasons, according to a methodology it has developed in order to avoid mistakes on the construction site.
In terms of communication at the Unibep Group, the following apply:
  • a branding plan (a strategic document describing how to inform about our brands, how to prepare for conferences, congresses, etc.);
  • the Visual Identity Manual (a set of graphics describing our brands);
  • standardization of the appearance of construction sites and rules on site branding;
  • media monitoring, providing up-to-date information on the presence of the Group and its brands in the media;
  • annual communication and marketing plans;
  • regular monthly meetings of the Unibep Group’s marketing team, which provide a forum for the exchange of information and experience on current activities.

The following risks were identified in the area of marketing

  • negative opinions appearing on the Internet (on social media, discussion forums, etc.);
  • inability to communicate due to non-functioning IT infrastructure;
  • the emergence of crisis situations having a negative impact on the Group’s image;
  • the impact of the current activities of the Group companies on the Group’s image,
  • poor quality of external or internal communication;
  • negative information in the public space affecting the Group’s financial performance;
In 2021, the Unibep Group did not record any non-compliance related to regulations and voluntary codes regarding marketing communications, including advertising, promotions and sponsorships.
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The Unibep Group’s core business is the construction of residential and public buildings. This is an activity with particular responsibility for commissioned projects. Each country’s law sets out specific requirements for the health and safety of people living in these buildings. The health and safety of customers who are the end users of the products we sell is a key concern for our Group.
Negligence in this area can result in very severe legal and financial consequences, in the worst case scenario leading to endangering human lives and putting the company out of business.

The Unibep Group manages the quality of its investment and construction projects in accordance with legal requirements.

In the construction industry, in addition to trust between the investor and the contractor, ensuring safety and protecting the health of all stakeholders is extremely important.

The Unibep Group holds the following certificates:

SINTEF technical approval for Unihouse panels and modules. The approval covers all technical solutions used in components of structures constructed by Unihouse S.A. in Norway. SINTEF verifies them in terms of compliance with technical regulations, building physics, acoustics and fire protection. It also verifies the materials used with regard to their properties and potential impact on human health (e.g. formaldehyde emission levels are checked; products with excessive formaldehyde content cannot be used).

  1. European Technical Assessment, ETA – allows using the CE mark on Unihouse S.A. products, including individual module panels. The RISE Institute, which issues this assessment, checks all solutions in terms their of design, structural physics and compliance with fire resistance requirements.
  2. A Certificate of Conformity of Unihouse S.A. products with German standards, issued by Bundes-Gütegemeinschaft Montagebau und Fertighäuser e.V. and a RAL certificate attesting to the high quality of these products.
  3. ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate
  4. ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System Certificate
  5. ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certificate
  6. Factory Production Control Certificate
In 2021, the Unibep Group did not record any non-compliances with regulations related to the impact of products and services on customer health and safety.
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Confidentiality of information at the Unibep Group is protected under a general system of protection of data constituting business secrets. The system is comprised of physical data protection measures, e.g. physical security at the office complex provided by an external company; limiting access to the building by unauthorised persons through a system of chip cards; CCTV; appropriate documentation flow; implementation of procedures ensuring the security of confidential data in the IT network (e.g. authorising access to copying and printing devices and printouts through proximity cards), and the security of data transferred via the Internet (e.g. network traffic control, ensuring computer security, locating servers in secure rooms, securing information through appropriate software).

The staff of the Audit and Internal Control Office continuously verify the control mechanisms in place for the security of data protection systems by carrying out audits and internal controls according to established annual plans.

The Company has adopted the Personal Data Protection Policy with accompanying procedures, which constitute a set of internal regulations aimed at ensuring proper processing of personal data, taking into account the obligations imposed by the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC and Polish personal data protection regulations. The obligations set out in the Policy apply to all personal data processed by the company, whether in paper or electronic form. The Policy applies to all employees of the company. The Policy is subject to review by the Company’s Data Protection Officer at the end of each calendar year or when legislation changes.

In 2021, no complaints were received regarding breaches of customer privacy.

More information in the document: Management Report on the Unibep Group’s Activities for 2021, Section 8.1 – Description of risks and threats.