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How we create value

Financial capital

    • Net income
    • from sales: PLN 1,682,337 thousand
    • Net profit: PLN 37,153 thousand
    • Cash: PLN 264,065 thousand
    • EBITDA: PLN 78,285 thousand
    • Capitalisation on the WSE: PLN 291,086 thousand
    • Building a historic order portfolio in terms of sales for 2022, with potential for 2023, in the field of building construction in the domestic market;
    • Execution of major infrastructure projects;
    • Timely and budget-compliant execution of own development projects and projects carried out in the form of joint ventures;
    • Acquisition of land for future development projects and building an offer for new business markets;
    • Diversification of activities in the field of modular construction and winning contracts from four markets (Norway, Sweden, Germany, Poland);
    • Budgetary discipline, strict cost and cash controls in the execution of contracts in each of the businesses;
    • Consistent supervision of the planning and settlement of the group’s administrative costs, continuous supervision of fixed costs;
    • Continuous improvement of production and organisational processes in all segments of the group, including the back office;
    • Good liquidity, access to external financing sources;
    • Continuous improvement of processes with the use of IT tools.
    • Net revenue from sales: PLN 1,712,390 thousand (2% increase)
    • Net profit: PLN 47,133 thousand (27% increase)
    • Cash: PLN 271,461 thousand (3% increase)
    • EBITDA: PLN 83,438 thousand (7% increase)
    • Capitalisation on the WSE: PLN 361,228 thousand (24% increase)

Productive capital

    • Modular house factory capacity: 2000 modules/year
    • 3 bitumen plants (Łomża, Lewki, Rożyńsk Wielki) with a total area of 12.71 ha
    • Supervision of production machinery and equipment is based on an internal procedure – management of inspections, maintenance and breakdowns of prefabrication machinery is carried out in a systematic manner so as not to cause production downtime.
    • The sale of products based on an internal procedure allows for the best possible workflow within the factory.
    • Investments to increase the volume and quality of bitumen production.
    • 39% increase in the sq.m. of manufactured modules
    • Total bitumen production in 2021: 174,950.92 Mg

Human capital

  • Employment in the Unibep Group in 2020:

    • Number of employees: 1560
      • Number of women: 348
      • Number of men: 1212

    Turnover frequency in the Unibep Group in 2020: 17%

    Average number of training hours per employee in 2020: 4.6 hr

  • For many years, cooperation with vocational schools has helped to build human capital within the Unibep Group. By cooperating extensively in building the employer image and promoting education, we gain the opportunity to attract qualified staff. In 2021, we signed further letters of intent to cooperate with 5 secondary schools. Cooperation with universities allows us to attract valuable employees. As part of our cooperation, we are implementing the next edition of Construction Process Engineering – a specialisation in the field of construction, carried out jointly with the Białystok University of Technology, where our employees are engaged in teaching. We also cooperate with the Warsaw University of Technology and the Poznań University of Technology on various development projects. In addition, there are apprenticeship and traineeship programmes aimed at university students and graduates.

    Onboarding process for new employees

    Unibep Group employee job satisfaction survey – the purpose of the survey is to find out why employees are satisfied or dissatisfied with their jobs.

    HR News – a project initiated in 2020. The purpose of the activity is to strengthen internal communication among Unibep Group employees.

    Internal communication through the Yammer platform to encourage participation in various social, voluntary and grassroots initiatives proposed by employees themselves.

    Ambassador programme – a programme for employees wishing to support Unibep Group in activities that promote the employer brand, including through:

    • Expansion of brand awareness among potential candidates, and, as a result, support of recruitment efforts;
    • Strengthening commitment among existing employees and improving internal communication.

    At Unibep Group, employees can count on development through specialised training tailored to their jobs. Depending on the competences developed, training provided in 2021 can be divided into:

    • Specialised training
    • Interpersonal training
    • IT training
    • Language courses

    Knowledge Academy – training in soft skills (management of emotions, time and team), IT (operation of company-wide CRM software, and specialised production and design software) or technical skills. There is a huge emphasis on training related to occupational health and safety, as well as training on biodiversity management and environmental protection in the broadest sense.

    Reserve Staff – a development programme for high-potential employees who are developing managerial skills.

    A mentoring programme is a form of effective training of an employee by a mentor, a more experienced person.

  • Employment in the Unibep Group in 2021:

    Number of employees: 1616

    Number of women: 402

    Number of men: 1214

    Turnover frequency in the Unibep Group in

    2021 – 20%

    2021 – 22 hr (a different method of calculating training hours per employee was used. Number of training hours x number of employees attending training / all employees working in the company)