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Compliance with regulations

103-1 (307-1)
103-2 (307-1)
103-3 (307-1)

All works carried out on our construction sites are performed in accordance with legal requirements as well as internal requirements and environmental standards of the Unibep Group.

We continuously monitor environmental legislation, which allows us to comply with the requirements in this respect.

We operate on the basis of the Integrated Management System Policy, Procedure for Ensuring Compliance with Legal and Other Requirements and Health, Safety and Environmental Monitoring Procedure.

In accordance with the aforementioned regulations, we keep records and continuously verify the company’s compliance with legal requirements, conduct environmental compliance reviews on construction sites and perform compliance assessments.

In 2021, Unibep S.A., Budrex Sp. z o.o. and Unihouse S.A. did not record any non-compliances with laws and regulations that would result in an administrative decision and incurring financial or non-financial penalties.

In 2020, a subsidiary of Unidevelopment S.A., implementing a project at 18 Bukowska Street in Poznań, cut down 25 trees on the project site, based on the decision of the Mayor of Poznań. The decision was not final due to the appeals filed. In connection with the felling of trees on the basis of a non-final decision, a fine of PLN 156,000 was imposed on the company implementing the project in 2021. An appeal has been lodged in the case and as at the date of this Report the appeal has not been resolved.