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Energy And Industrial Construction Segment


Its development is to be based on the organic growth of a dedicated division organised within the structures of Unibep SA, as well as on potential acquisition processes (M&A), bearing in mind in particular new technologies, environmental and consumer trends in response to the needs related to the necessity of transforming the Polish economy towards a zero- and low-emission one; focusing on the assumptions of the green economy, the intention is to implement projects with high energy efficiency.
In previous periods, the share of industrial and energy construction in Unibep SA’s sales grew year-onyear. 2021 was an important year in the context of activities mainly related to the acquisition of further contracts for the construction of facilities in this segment. The structures for carrying out tasks in this direction also continue to be developed. The main goal that Unibep wants to achieve in the energy and industrial business is the implementation of so-called “turnkey” projects, with all the required technology.

In 2020, Unibep signed contracts for the following projects: Polimery Police, Waste Water Treatment Plant in Bielsk Podlaski, Mlekovita Freezer Facility in Wysokie Mazowieckie. Of these, the Polimery Project, involving the construction of a polymer plant on the premises of Zakłady Chemiczne in Police and implemented by Grupa Azoty, deserves special mention. It is worth noting that this is one of the biggest investment projects in the industrial segment currently carried out in Poland (net value of PLN 87.2 million). In turn, in 2021 Unibep SA expanded its order portfolio to include a contract for the construction of the new Olefins III Complex at PKN ORLEN SA’s production plant in Płock (remuneration of PLN 40.3 million net). In addition, the company signed a turnkey contract for the implementation of the task called “Adaptation of the heat source at Energetyka Cieszyńska to the applicable environmental regulations” (remuneration of PLN 33.9 million net). Our task is to carry out a comprehensive construction of 3 oil/gas fired water boilers including the required infrastructure for fuel oil management, gas supply to the boilers and heat extraction from the new source. On 28 March 2022, a construction contract was concluded for the reconstruction and extension of a storage and production hall in Mszczonów. As a result of the conclusion of this contract, the estimated value of the Issuer’s portfolio to be implemented in the Energy and Industrial Construction for 2022 and subsequent years amounts to approximately PLN 235.0 million.

235 PLN million

estimated value of the Issuer’s portfolio to be realized in Energy and Industrial Construction

Unibep SA focuses on selected issues in the field of power construction: water and steam gas-fired boiler plants, thermal waste treatment plants, cogeneration installations based on gas engines and gas turbines, hydrogen-fired boilers, modernisation of heat sources and heat accumulators. In the industrial business it focuses on: production plants (including technology), storage halls, waste incineration plants, sewage treatment plants, power plants, combined heat power plants and heating plants, technical buildings for industry and energy, engineering structures for technology and manufacturing, line facilities (pipelines, overpasses, conveyors), steel and reinforced concrete structures. We want to complement all our construction projects in the field of industry and energy with services related to the supply and installation of supporting technologies and facilities. We want to participate in the start-up and commissioning process of the project and provide the necessary maintenance and repair.