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A great deal depends on our subcontractors, so we choose them carefully, including by applying the environmental criteria described in the Environmental Requirements document. We have already started discussions with the first key suppliers regarding the carbon footprint of their products.

Unihouse S.A. has instructions in place on the introduction of new materials.

They point to the need to obtain all required declarations from suppliers, including environmental declarations, as well as to select materials with minimum impact on the environment, e.g. in terms of formaldehyde or VOC content.
We want to base our activities on proven and environmentally friendly materials. We are therefore in the process of conducting a survey of our suppliers, which will be used for further work on creating a sustainable supply chain. We are aware that building such a supply chain requires a great deal of effort and is fraught with risks, including dependence on the availability of materials and services, which affects unit prices, and the need to invest more effort in finding new solutions.
In 2021, the Unibep Group did not keep statistics on the number of new suppliers that were verified for environmental issues.

In the area of procurement, the Unibep Group faces risks that affect all construction companies, including rising prices and limited availability of materials and services.