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Unibep S.A. is one of the largest construction companies in Poland, present on the market for over 70 years. Since 2008, the Company has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

The Company’s head office is located in Bielsk Podlaski. It also has offices in Warsaw, Białystok, Łomża, Minsk, Lviv, Poznań, Katowice.

Unibep Group’s operations are based on five complementary segments:

  • construction services including general contracting in Poland (GCP) and abroad (GCE – until 2021) (Unibep S.A.)
  • infrastructure activity (Infrastructure Branch of Unibep S.A.) and infrastructure activity in the construction of bridges, viaducts and other engineering structures (Budrex Sp. z o.o.)
  • property development activity (Unidevelopment S.A. and Unidevelopment Group companies)
  • modular construction in timber frame technology (Unihouse S.A.)
  • energy and industrial construction (Unibep S.A.).



In 2021, the Company operated in six markets, serving private and institutional clients in Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Sweden, Norway and Germany. Due to the political situation in the Republic of Belarus, as well as due to the outbreak of war in Ukraine, Unibep S.A. suspended its operations in these countries in February 2022. The decision was taken to withdraw from the Belarusian market after fulfilling service obligations to existing contractors. However, further cooperation and implementation of contracts in Ukraine depends on the development of the geopolitical situation in the region.

Residential and commercial construction Unibep SA.

Modular construction Unihouse SA

Infrastructure Unibep SA, Budrex Sp. z o.o.
Property development activity Unidevelopment SA, special purpose vehicles
Energy and industrial construction Unibep SA

With regard to projects in Belarus, as recently as 2021, Unibep has reduced its activities in this market. As a result of the above actions, Unibep is not carrying out any construction work in the Republic of Belarus, nor is it making any efforts to win new contracts. The Company’s intention is to withdraw from the Belarusian market after fulfilling its service obligations to existing contractors. Also in the territory of Ukraine, Unibep is not currently carrying out any construction work, nor are the Company’s Polish employees or subcontractors there, as well as equipment or other assets belonging to Unibep.

Unibep S.A. is currently one of the leading construction companies in the country and one of the largest Polish exporters of construction services.

According to estimates, it is the residential construction leader in Poland’s largest construction market, the Warsaw market.

As at the date of publication of this Report, the Unibep Group consists of the Parent Company Unibep S.A. and six direct subsidiaries of Unibep S.A. These include:

  • Unihouse S.A.

  • UNEX Constructions Sp. z o.o.

  • Unidevelopment S.A.

  • Seljedalen AS

  • Budrex Sp. z o.o.

  • Unibep PPP Sp. z o.o.


The Unibep Group also comprises indirect subsidiaries in which Unidevelopment S.A. and Seljedalen AS hold shares.

1 616

Total number of employees


Total number of the organisation’s locations

The Unibep Group’s operations are diversified. The Group operates in various segments of the construction industry.

It is a general contractor in Poland and abroad, it owns the largest modular house production plant in Poland (Unihouse S.A.), it operates in the road construction sector, and constructs engineering structures all over the country through its company Budrex. It also conducts property development activity (Unidevelopment S.A.) in Warsaw, Poznań, Radom, as well as in the Tri-City.

The Unibep Group’s core business is general construction. Residential and commercial construction business accounts for approximately 50% of total revenue. In the general contracting segment, the Group has a solid order portfolio – for 2022 and beyond – of approximately PLN 1.85 billion.

The next highest revenue-generating segment is road and bridge construction, which accounts for 22% of revenue. Thanks to large infrastructure investments in Eastern Poland, this segment of Unibep Group’s business can be expected to grow. Budrex also carries out projects for railways or local authorities.

The Unibep Group pursues its business objectives with respect for the environment and with future generations in mind while optimally balancing its business activities and progressive climate change. The Group endeavours to minimise the impact of its investments on the surrounding area when carrying out a particular construction project. Each project is carried out based on the provisions of environmental decisions, but also on internally established procedures, which aim at ensuring environmentally safe conditions for the execution of construction work.

Unidevelopment S.A., a development company from the Unibep Group, achieved a record result in 2021 – with sales of PLN 285 million, net profit amounted to approximately PLN 42 million. The developer signed 921 contracts with customers and handed over 908 flats. Revenue from property development activity amounted to 17% of the Group’s total revenue in 2021. Unidevelopment S.A. is taking advantage of the ongoing boom in the property market and is expanding its operations to the Tri-City market – in Q1 2021, the developer purchased a property in Gdańsk, where it plans to carry out a housing project.

50 %

Of all revenues in 2021 came from volume construction activities

1,85 PLN million

Value of general contracting order book for 2022 and beyond

42 PLN million

Unidevelopment S.A.’s record result

The remaining 15% of revenue is generated by modular construction. Unihouse S.A. (an independent company since 2019) has ranked the company among the top ten providers of this type of technology in Europe. Currently, the key market in which Unihouse S.A. operates is Norway, but the buildings produced in the Bielsk-based modular house production plant can be found in Sweden, as well as in the German and Polish markets. It is worth mentioning that Unihouse S.A. products are part of the global trend concerning the development of green construction, as multi-family buildings are made in modular timber technology. The Unibep Group is ready to take full advantage of the European Green Deal, a programme to support green and energy-efficient construction. Taking into account the development of construction related to the widely understood so- -called green energy, the Group has taken steps to expand its activities in this type of projects.

Approximately 80% of the Group’s total revenue is generated domestically. The remaining 20% is attributable to the Unibep Group’s foreign operations.

The construction and infrastructure business of Unibep Group currently has an order portfolio of about PLN 3.5 billion for 2022 and beyond.

The Group is constantly active in expanding its order portfolio in various construction segments.

For years, the Group has been consistently diversifying its operations and has achieved sustained growth.

The Unibep Group plans to strengthen its existing position in the current markets and enter new markets through organic growth and M&A.

Building a profitable order portfolio in all business segments is a priority in the coming periods. A diverse portfolio of orders, experienced, highly qualified personnel, experience supported by successfully completed projects, attention to safety, focus on continuous development are among the core values of the Unibep Group.

The goal of the Unibep Group is to consistently increase efficiency in each area of its activity, using methods such as the effect of synergy between businesses. Diversified operations provide the Group with a stable financial position and allow it to consistently build shareholder value.