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Factors that may affect the Group’s future performance

Main factors likely to affect the future financial performance of the Parent Company and the Group

    • the uncertain macroeconomic situation related to the war in Ukraine,
    • availability of materials and changes in material prices related to the situation in the domestic market and aggravated by the situation in Ukraine,
    • availability of subcontractors’ services and changes in prices for construction work related to the situation in the domestic market and in Ukraine,
    • disruption to the maintenance of the supply chain and the resulting impact on the timely completion of all orders, including obligations to contracting entities,
    • rising prices of construction materials,
    • limitations in obtaining qualified staff,
    • the uncertain macroeconomic situation related to coronavirus and its impact on individual economies, including markets in which the Company operates,
    • temporary closure of foreign markets, e.g. the Norwegian market during the pandemic,
    • the risk of restrictions on movement and quarantine imposed by countries in which the Group companies operate,
    • maintenance of strong competition, fierce price competition,
    • the risk of a decline in orders from domestic developers and public procurement,
    • the uncertain political situation in Belarus affecting the economic settlement of ongoing transactions,
    • rising land prices and limited access to investment land,
    • limited availability of external financing,
    • high volatility on the foreign exchange market, large fluctuations in exchange rates and currency spreads,
    • the possibility of taking advantage of EU funding for research and development activities,
    • variable interest rates – impact on the cost and availability of ex-ernal financing,
    • accumulation of public procurement, especially in the infrastructure projects market.
    • good financial standing, financial liquidity, access to credit and guarantee limits with banks and insurance companies,
    • a good order portfolio in all Group businesses,
    • increased activity in the energy and industrial segment,
    • development of new activities, diversification of operations in particular businesses of the Unibep Group,
    • geographic diversification and activation of operations in the field of modular construction – activities related to the presence in the Polish and German markets,
    • building a land bank and the possibility of launching further own development projects in new markets,
    • development and use of new electronic communication tools – caused by the epidemiological situation,
    • optimisation of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 enterprise management system and other systems supporting operational processes in the Group companies, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, AX People, IBM Cognos, Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Azure,
    • activities related to the implementation of the BIM concept technology,
    • improvement of process and production efficiency through the use of organisational units: Technical Office, Quality and Technology Office, Design Department (architects, statisticians, design engineers), R&D Department,
    • reduction of export activities in the Belarusian and Ukrainian markets, • relatively high reliance on the construction of buildings, including residential premises,
    • relatively high reliance on the Warsaw market.