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    achieved under extremely difficult, business-intensive conditions.



    We are transforming the Polish economy towards zero emissions.



    One of our commitments is to adopt an ESG strategy for the company and the Unibep Group.

Business model

Production of timber frame modules for the construction and assembly of multi-family and public buildings in the Norwegian, Swedish, German and Polish markets. The projects are carried out by Unihouse SA, a pioneer in the production of modern sustainable timber frame modular buildings in the Polish market.

Property development conducted through Unidevelopment SA. Currently, projects are being carried out in Warsaw, Poznań and Radom, and soon also in the Tri-City.

General contracting is conducted by the parent company Unibep SA. The main pillar is residential construction. The company also implements projects associated with commercial construction (hotels, office, retail and service buildings). The segment’s operations are conducted in Poland (GC Poland), with construction projects also carried out in Belarus and Ukraine (GC Export).

Road and bridge construction in north-eastern Poland, carried out by the Infrastructure Branch of Unibep SA and Budrex Sp. z o.o. (a highly specialised company building bridges, viaducts and road culverts almost everywhere in Poland).

Unibep SA has decided to expand into a new business segment – energy and industrial development. This is in response to the need to transform the Polish economy towards a zero-emission and low-carbon economy, focusing on green economy assumptions that include the construction of incineration plants, co-generation, distributed heating systems, commissioning and system cleaning.

Leszek Gołąbiecki

President of the Management Board of Unibep SA

PLN 47 million net profit, with sales of PLN 1.7 billion.

These are historic results for the group, achieved in an extremely challenging business environment. Despite dynamic market changes, our diversified group of companies made decisions that affected both our current operations and our business in the years to come.

Krzysztof Mikołajczyk

Wiceprezes Zarządu Unibep SA

The Unibep SA Group ranks 5th among the largest construction companies in Poland in terms of revenue.

Our goal is to build strong local markets based on good local staff, who will be supported by the structures and work culture of the Unibep Group.

Przemysław Janiszewski

Head of Energy and Industrial Construction at Unibep SA

The energy and industrial sector is a large and promising market.

Our goal in this segment is to become a trusted leading contractor of ambitious turnkey projects, including the supply and installation of all the required technology. We also want to participate in the start-up and commissioning process of the project and provide the necessary maintenance and repairs.

Marcin Gołębiewski

President of the Management Board of Unihouse SA

Our focus is working towards a sustainable future for the construction sector, and the continuous improvement of investment project quality.

We recognise the importance of the advantages of our technologies in meeting the needs of evolving climate policies. With multiple valuable references from the Scandinavian markets, we are optimistic about the growth of Unihouse in other European markets.

2021 key figures

  • 47 PLN million

    net profit (up 27% y/y)

    1,7 PLN billion

    sales value (up 2% y/y)

    271 PLN million

    cash (up 3% y/y)

    83 PLN million


    361 PLN million

    Group capitalisation as at 31/12/2021
    2021 was a special year for the construction and development industry: construction output growth reached 7.9%. The value of construction output at the end of the year was PLN 117 billion. Growth was recorded in most areas of construction: hotels: +9.7%, office buildings: +11.6%, industrial buildings: +16.6%, although there was a reduction in commercial and retail construction. Within commercial, residential and industrial construction, the output grew by 7.2% in the residential sector and by 3.7% in non-residential construction.

    Sławomir Kiszycki

    Vice President of the Management Board of Unibep SA,
    Chief Financial Officer
  • 3,5 PLN billion

    The value of orders to be executed in the construction-infrastructure part

    921 locations

    development sales of residential units

    1 601 persons

    employment as of 31.12.2021

    1,85 PLN billion

    value of general contracting orders

    42 PLN million

    Unidevelopment S.A.’s record result.
    The Unibep Group has built up a solid order book in 2021 in all business segments: the construction and infrastructure component includes orders with a value of PLN 3.5 billion. Property development carried out by the Unidevelopment Group accounts for the majority of Unibep Group’s profits. It sold a total of 921 apartments in 2021. The company has acquired land in the Tri-City (among other areas) – this will be its next market, after Warsaw, Poznań and Radom.

    Sławomir Kiszycki

    Vice President of the Management Board of Unibep SA,
    Chief Financial Officer

Expansion options

We continue to perceive Ukraine as a promising market

Before the outbreak of war in Ukraine, this market seemed to be the most promising for Unibep in terms of eastern markets. Thanks to the investments that we made in Kyiv and Kharkiv, our position in the country was strengthening. Until Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, we were in advanced talks to acquire more projects. Unfortunately, on 24 February we all found ourselves in a new, unfamiliar political and economic situation. Today, we assume various scenarios for the resolution of the conflict in Ukraine. None of these are certain, but at Unibep we firmly believe that the war will end as soon as possible and that, once it has stopped, funds will flow to Ukraine to rebuild the bombed cities. With our experience gained in the eastern market and, of course, with the support of our Ukrainian partners, we hope to be able to participate in the reconstruction of their country.

Tomasz Poskrobko

Director of Construction Services


Poland’s largest manufacturing and construction company, developing high-quality, multi-family projects in Norway.


Sveriges Allmännytta Kombohus programme – an organisation of Swedish municipal companies executing a multi-family housing project over several years.


Modular construction – cooperation with German partners to create a uniform standard for energy-efficient and low-emission buildings.


Market knowledge, competence and experience; readiness and resources to rebuild the country.

ESG direction