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Cooperation with other organisations

For the Unibep Group, membership in organisations and associations is a forum for exchanging views and an opportunity to strengthen the company’s position on the market. We build value for the community and our stakeholders in partnership with the organisations listed below.
In 2021, the Unibep Group or Group Companies belonged to the following organisations:
The Agreement for Construction Safety

which brings together the largest general contractors working in Poland. Its members work together to improve work safety on construction sites in Poland. Unibep S.A. has been a member of the Agreement since 2015. The main objective of the organisation is to build a culture of safety among employees and associates of the Unibep Group and investors, as well as government and local government institutions. Thanks to its membership in the organisation, a Safety Week is organised every year featurign OHS training and a special promotional campaign, mainly for Unibep Group employees. Every year, tens of thousands of employees and several thousand subcontractors take part in Safety Week activities. The Agreement cooperates, among others, with the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways, the Chief Inspector of Occupational Health and Safety.

The Polish Cluster of Construction Exporters

is an initiative of entrepreneurs whose aim is to build and strengthen the cooperation of Polish construction companies on export markets as well as to internationalise the Polish construction sector. It presents on a global scale the capabilities of Polish companies in the field of development and modernisation of the construction industry based on state-of-the-art technologies, products, systems and professional engineering staff. The organisation cooperates with government institutions and the wider financial sector, interested in supporting the development of Polish construction companies in foreign markets.

Polski Klaster Budowlany (Polish Construction Cluster)

brings together over 300 companies operating in the construction sector. Unibep S.A. has been a member of the Cluster almost since its inception. Since 2015, Polski Klaster Budowlany has had the status of a National Key Cluster. The Cluster cooperates with entrepreneurs, universities, organisations and R&D centres. It is also a member of the Entrepreneurs Council at the Ombudsman for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises. This allows cluster members to act as part of task forces and have a real impact on the situation of companies in the SME sector.

Business Centre Club

is one of the most important business associations in Poland, bringing together Polish entrepreneurs and employers committed to developing the Polish economy and supporting entrepreneurship. It is a prestigious business club for entrepreneurs and the country’s largest statutory organisation of individual employers. Club members employ over 400,000 people. As a club for entrepreneurs, the BCC conducts active economic lobbying to defend the interests of Polish entrepreneurs, develop a free market economy and create good laws.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Białystok

is one of the largest and most active organisations bringing together business entities in north-eastern Poland. Responsible for creating the economic development of the region, it plays a key role as a social partner and local government partner in discussions with representatives of the voivodeship and the region’s major cities.

The Polish Association of Listed Companies

fosters the development of the Polish capital market by representing the interests of companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. As an expert organisation, it provides issuers with knowledge and advice on stock market regulation and their rights and obligations.

The Polish Association of Developers

is an organisation bringing together the largest Polish developers. By sharing theoretical knowledge and practical experience, the PAD builds partnership relations with entities creating the situation in the industry. The aim of the Association is to ensure favourable conditions for property development activity so that the growing housing needs of Poles can be properly satisfied. The PAD also ensures the safety of buyers by promoting the idea of the Code of Good Practices, which has been approved by the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) and is binding in relations between member companies and flat buyers. Unidevelopment S.A. is a member of the PAD.

The Polish Association of Construction Industry Employers

is a nationwide organisation bringing together companies from the infrastructure and construction sectors that together employ over 50,000 people. The Association actively participates in consultations on legal acts regulating economic activity in the areas of infrastructure and construction.

Key initiatives in which the Unibep Group was involved in 2021:

  • The Polish Green Building Council

    is an organisation whose mission is to improve the design, construction and use of buildings in Poland so that sustainable construction becomes the norm. Unidevelopment S.A. is a member of the PLGBC.
  • Stowarzyszenie Energooszczędny Dom Gotowy (SEDG)

    is an association of companies interested in the development and popularisation of wood construction, energy efficiency and passive buildings in Poland. Unihouse S.A. is a member of SEDG and participates in initiatives organised by the association as part of its cooperation, including by sharing its experiences at industry conferences.
  • Boligprodusentene

    is a Norwegian association of builders of residential units in Norway. Its activities focus on housing development issues in order to foster high quality and cost-effective housing production.

The Group companies are active members of many associations and organisations and take part in conferences, congresses and industry meetings.

They organise events with and for employees and join in the promotion of modern, green and sustainable construction. In 2021, the Unibep Group was involved in projects such as:
  • the inauguration of the Xylopolis project and cooperation with the world-famous Polish painter Leon Tarasiewicz. Xylopolis is a vision of the city of the future, based on an organic symbiosis of nature and technology. This idea originated in the Unitalent Foundation of the Unibep Group. The proposal became one of the elements of the Polish pavilion at Expo 2020 in Dubai, which was presented as part of the exhibition of the Podlaskie Voivodeship. Xylopolis featured a painting by Leon Tarasiewicz, painted on the premises of the Unihouse S.A. plant, a company producing multi-family buildings from timber frame modules. The work, depicting a forest and the play of light at different times, was created over two weeks and is the largest work the professor has ever painted on canvas.
  • participation of Unibep Group representatives in the most important congresses concerning the future of the broadly understood construction sector, e.g.: the 6th Construction Forum in Poland, CONSTRUCTION 4.0 – innovation as a way to success on the domestic and foreign markets, International PPP Forum 2021.
  • co-organisation of the nationwide “Wood in Architecture” competition, promoting architecture using wood as a building material. The main organiser of the competition is the Faculty of Architecture at the Białystok University of Technology, and it is aimed at students and graduates of architecture faculties at all Polish universities. The aim of the competition is to promote wooden architecture and make modern and green construction fashionable.